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Data Loss Reasons and Recovery Solutions

jenniferkimmy | 14 August, 2013 03:19

Data loss is a common phenomena among computer users and it happens very often. When computer users come across data loss and lose important files, it must be an annoying thing. Especially the lost digital file is what you need to use on incoming meeting or work, or the lost file is the unique copy which it's of special meanings to life. If you have suffered a lot from data loss, please keep reading this article and you will get effective but free tools to restore your lost files.

Just as any other software, there are many free deleted file recovery tools if you search with free undelete files software in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Some of them are really freeware, but some are adware or malware. To avoid you from time-consuming search, here comes a list of top 3 freeware discussing recovering file software windows. Let's see what you can do with these free programs:

Brief Review of Top 3 Free Undelete Files Software

  • 1. Recuva: It is the most popularly used free data recovery tool that can recover files of many formats on Windows. By using its wizard mode, users can recover files by file type. It also have a Deep Scan but with slower speed. Images can be previewed.
  • 2. Pandora Recovery: the free files recovery tool stands out other freeware with a user-friendly filter that users can filter files by name, size, date and etc. It supports previewing images, too.
  • 3. Wise Data Recovery: it's a free yet user-friendly file undelete software. It's probably not working in recovering files from FAT-based drives.

How to Avoid File Loss During Daily Computer Life?

It is estimated that most of the computer users have ever encountered file loss in work or life. And the file loss reasons are of various types. Last time I discussed the main causes of data loss, today we will discuss about some tips about how to avoid data loss. If you already lost a lot of precious files, you can recover lost files on Windows by using the tool.

  • 1. According to a data loss statistics report, most of the file loss are caused by hard disk and operating system problems like system reinstallation and crash, hard drive crash and damage and much more. The most effective method to avoid data loss caused by these reasons is back up your files regularly.
  • 2. The second file loss reason is human error like mistaken deletion, improper USB ejection, unintentional system or device formatting. To prevent terrible file loss, so we'd better pay more attention before hitting shift + delete or emptying recycle bin. It makes sense to check twice before any deletion or formatting.
  • 3. Another reason is resulted by virus, such as worm, Trojan, virus-infected files and so forth. In order to avoid this, maybe choosing a powerful anti-virus software is the most effective solution.
  • 4. It is reported that power failure is one of the common data loss causes. It's prone to lose datas when power interrupts during transferring files, editing contents in software and more occasions. For laptop users, it's sensible to fix the battery into laptop when electricity is not stable.

There are also some other reasons that can bring about file loss. Anyway, please back up our files at a fixed interval. Besides, you can also try some recover data programs to retrieve deleted, formatted and lost files on a PC. To know how to get back lost videos on computer.


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